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Established in 2008, Liakat’s has been training and helping students from all sorts of educational backgrounds through its most uniquely designed programs. These programs aim at making its students skilled English Language users. We have been providing English Language training to students coming from Bangla and English versions, English Medium, Madrasa and other curriculum, helping them achieve outstanding skills in the Language.


We work extremely hard to provide our students the perfect environment not only to learn and build their language skills, but also grow their creativity, expand their minds and ultimately, create a difference through personal and career development. Here at Liakat’s, we deeply believe in the deepest traditional values the Art of Education holds. We believe us and our highly trained and extremely talented mentors are all working towards building our nation through our beloved students, helping them to achieve their goals and create the global impression our country has forever deserved.


Our courses are designed keeping our students’ desires in mind. The classes are fun and interactive. The kids get to enjoy various activities and get to learn important presentation skills. We also inspire our students to make weekly videos which we share on our social media platforms. We are also able to provide renowned English Medium Senior teachers to conduct our classes, who are experienced and kids friendly.


The curriculum is designed based on the age and which class the students are. Our minimum age for accepting students in 4 years old. There are initial placement tests to determine the qualification of the student. We have different levels for different students from Play Group to Class 8. We have classes divided in 2 Levels, 6 months each. Upon completion of 4 Levels, a Certificate is provided to the student, which is equivalent to a 2 years Diploma Program. We also plan on offering advanced courses including a 5 years Diploma Course on the English Language and Literature.


Here in Liakat’s, we believe is appreciating the hard work and motivating them. We have arranged various prizes and awards to students who excel and show extraordinary performances in our monthly tests, term tests and final examinations. We also give our high performing students the opportunity to make contents for our social media channels, which I believe motivates our students greatly.


In our elaborated 4 level courses (2 years Diploma), we mainly cover 5 main parts of the English Language from Beginners – Intermediate – Advanced. These 5 main parts are:

  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar (from Class 1)
  • Pronunciation (British & American accent)
  • Speaking
  • Free Hand Writing

Each Level includes a total of 48 classes. In these classes, we will be providing students 48 pdf notes, 48 class recordings, 24 presentation videos made by students (4 videos a month in 6 months course). We believe these presentations will help our students become smarter and build confidence. After completion, they will receive a completion certificate for each level.


Students from all classes will be able to take all 4 levels course. The levels are designed based on which class the student is studying. These are:

  • Level – 1 (6 months)
  • Level – 2 (6 months)
  • Level – 3 (6 months)
  • Level – 4 (6 months)


Moreover, apart from these, we offer IELTS courses like IELTS Foundation course and 7+ IELTS.  WE also offer Spoken and Written English and Phonetics courses. These courses are designed for our existing students as well as university students, graduates, professionals, business owners, academics and freelancers. We only provide completion certificate to our IELTS students after they’ve completed their course.


We sincerely believe you share the same values that we do. We are here to help, guide and inspire your child to be his/her best self. Here at Liakat’s, we believe in building the best future for our students. So, register for a free session today and join us to help build your child’s future.

Our Story: Since 2008

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Our Mission & Vision

IELTS Mission:

To enable the candidates to achieve 7+ score in IELTS exam providing them with skilled and caring instructors, powerful tips & techniques, and intense practice.

IELTS Vision:  To be the most trusted platform for IELTS preparation in Bangladesh.

Mission of English Foundation (5 in 1)

To make the learners develop high level of English proficiency required to accomplish their academic and professional goals.

Vision of Foundation English ( 5 in 1 )

To become a bedrock of so many successful careers!


Mission of kids English Course: To equip our future leaders with the English skills and positive mindset to be ready for challenges ahead.

Vision of Kids English course: To become an institution that makes our future leaders DREAM, BELIEVE, ACHIEVE.

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