The best place to take IELTS mock tests in Dhaka

Taking IELTS practice/mock tests can help you learn the format and situation of the exam and calm your nerves. It will surely allow you to assess how well you do under pressure and show you if there are any areas you need to practice more. After all, practice makes perfect!

Liakat’s English Care is an organization specializing in IELTS preparation and English learning, and one of Dhaka’s top preparation centers. A candidate is strongly encouraged to visit the premise of Liakat’s at Lalmatia to have a clear idea of IELTS and mock tests. Regular feedback sessions are held (weekly) to pace up the improvement of our learners once he or she takes a mock test. The mock tests at Liakat’s offer a straightforward look at what to expect when taking your exam, and how to book.

5 reasons why you must take the IELTS Mock test!

1. Map your Progress 

As we are running since 2008, in this duration, We have encountered many examinees who kept preparing for IELTS without tracking their improvement. In most cases they are clueless about their progress and give the exam thinking that their preparation is complete, ultimately failing to achieve the desired band in at least one section. 

Mock tests are an important tool to map progress; these tests measure your improvement on a regular basis. The results of the mock test help you scale your progress in empirical terms and present you with a realistic picture of your preparation. 

2. Perfect your Strategy

 If you try out a new strategy directly in the IELTS exam, there is a high probability that it will fail. Mastering strategies take time and mock tests offer you multiple chances to perfect the strategy. Also, a lot of times, some strategies might work for your friend but not for you. Believe us, the IELTS exam is not the place you want to find out that a strategy didn’t work. 

Have a trial run of everything that you have learned and perfection should be your goal. Mock tests offer you the opportunity to hone your strategies to make them fail-proof. 

3. Manage your Time 

IELTS is a time-based English proficiency test, which makes managing time the most crucial aspect to ace this exam. Candidates who never give mock tests find it significantly harder to manage their time as compared to our students who have tested their time strategies in the mock. 

Mock tests give you the practice needed to divide your time into the respective sections. It is important for you to test your time management strategies in the mocks so that you are calmly looking at the ticking clock in the final IELTS exam.

 4. Analyse and Improve 

Giving the IELTS mock tests are just one half of the coin, and the other half is the analysis of the test. Our students have come back to us telling us how the analysis of the mocks helped them score well in the IELTS exam. They vouched for the detailed analysis and recommended every IELTS preparer analyze mocks. 

Analyzing mocks helps you take note of your weak points. It prevents you from making the same mistake over and over again. Some students say that their scores vary a lot, this happens because of a lack of analysis of the mocks. It means that you tend to answer the same type of questions wrong again and again. 

At Liakat’s, all our instructors help their students find out their mistakes to ensure that they score high on the IELTS exam. 

5. Perfect the Tips and Tricks 

Every IELTS coach gives you ample tips and tricks so you to ace the exam with flying colors. These tips and tricks work differently for different candidates. Hence, it’s important that these tips are tested before using them in the final IELTS exam. The mock tests are a playground for you to test your tips and tricks with no permanent damage. 

You get the chance to modify these tips based on your testing style so that you can successfully implement these tricks and tips in the final exam and get the score you desire.