English language fluency is a crucial ability that can open doors to innumerable opportunities in today’s globalized society. For children, learning English at an early age sets the foundation for academic success and future career prospects. At Liakat’s English Course in Dhaka, we are dedicated to providing top-quality English classes for kids, helping them build strong language foundations.

Why English is Essential for Kids

  1. Academic Success: Many of Dhaka’s schools use English as their primary language of instruction. Gaining proficiency in the language can significantly improve a child’s educational achievement in various disciplines.
  2. Worldwide Communication: English is the most commonly spoken language in the world. Youngsters proficient in the language can communicate with individuals of different backgrounds and cultures.
  3. Cognitive Development: Learning a second language, such as English, at a young age enhances cognitive skills, including problem-solving, creativity, and critical thinking.

Our Approach at Liakat's

At Liakat’s English Coaching Center, a strong foundation in English begins with a well-rounded approach that includes reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Our curriculum is made to be interesting, dynamic, and individualized for every child.

  1. Interactive Classes: We use interactive teaching methods that make English learning fun and engaging. Our classes incorporate games, songs, and storytelling to keep young learners interested and motivated.
  2. Experienced Teachers: Our teachers are highly qualified and experienced in teaching English to children. They use age-appropriate techniques to ensure each child progresses at their own pace. Comprehensive
  3. Curriculum: Our curriculum covers grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, understanding, and other facets of the English language. We emphasize practical usage to help children communicate effectively.

Benefits of Choosing Liakat's for Your Child

  1. Small Class Sizes: We keep our class sizes small so that our teachers can provide each child with individualized attention and assistance.
  2. Safe and caring environment: At our daycare, kids may express themselves and discover their imaginations in a loving, healthy culture.  
  3. Safe and loving atmosphere: Children may express themselves and explore their creativity in a nurturing and secure atmosphere at our center.

Success Stories

At Liakat’s English Language Institute, we take pride in the success of our students. Many of our young learners have excelled in their studies and participate in English language competitions. Here are a few testimonials from parents and students:

  • “My daughter has shown remarkable improvement in her English skills since joining Liakat’s. The teachers are fantastic and very supportive.” – Mrs. Rahman.
  • “I love coming to English class at Liakat’s. It’s so much fun, and I’ve made many new friends.” – Arif, Age 8


Building a solid foundation in English at an early age is crucial for a child’s future success. At Liakat’s English Coaching Center, we are committed to providing the best English classes for kids in Dhaka. Our comprehensive curriculum experienced teachers, and engaging teaching methods ensure your child receives the highest quality education. Enroll your child today and give them the gift of language that will benefit them for a lifetime. For more information or to enroll your child, please visit our website or contact us at https://liakats.com/