Top 7 IELTS Coaching Center in Bangladesh

Looking to excel in the IELTS exam? The best place to get IELTS help in Bangladesh is right here. This top teaching center’s only goal is to help people get the best grades possible by giving them thorough and useful lessons. The center has a team of qualified and experienced teachers who focus on each student to give them a unique learning experience.

The Top IELTS Coaching Center in Bangladesh has an organized course plan that covers all parts of the test, such as speaking, listening, reading, and writing. The lessons are meant to help students improve their language skills, learn how to do well on tests, and feel more confident. The center’s dedication to greatness is shown by the long list of students who have done amazingly well.

This coaching center is different because it has modern tools, up-to-date study materials, and a friendly place to learn. The Top IELTS Coaching Center in Bangladesh can help people of all skill levels, from those who are just starting out and want to get a high score to those who want to get better at certain things.

You can reach your goal if you get help from the best IELTS coaching center in Bangladesh. Sign up today to start working toward the IELTS number you want!

What is IELTS?

The International English Language Testing System, or IELTS, is a test that is accepted all over the world. The IELTS tests your listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills to see how well you can interact in English. Many schools, companies, and immigration officials recognize IELTS, making it essential for anyone who desire to learn, work, or migrate to an English-speaking nation. There are two types of the test: Academic, which is used for school, and General Training, which is used for immigration and job reasons. IELTS is still a major standard for people who want to show their English language skills on a global level because it is a fair and neutral test.

1. Liakat’s IELTS

Liakats was founded in 2008 and is one of the best places to get IELTS help in Dhaka, Bangladesh. committed to helping people reach their goals of doing well on the IELTS test. The goal of these classes is to help students become good English users, do well on the IELTS test, and be strong candidates for the jobs they want. Liakat’s Coaching Center has a team of trained, very experienced teachers who speak English very well and know a lot about the IELTS test. They help students study for the IELTS and give them expert tips based on what they know. This makes sure that the students are well-prepared and feel confident when they take the test.

Course Overview: 

1. Course Type: Offline

2. Duration: 30 Class

3. Duration per Class: 1.5 hr

4. Total Class Duration: 45 Hours

5. Course Fee: 10,000

6. Address:

Flat# C-2, House# 5/1, Block-D, Lalmatia, Mohmmadpur, Dhaka

Phone: +88 01945666777

Whatsapp: +88 01945666777


2. British Council IELTS

To help people in the UK and other countries meet, understand, and trust each other, the British Council promotes English language, arts and culture, and education. Bangladesh’s British Council was founded in 1995. Bangladeshis use the British Council to get ready for the IELTS. London Council IELTS training is best done in Bangladesh in Dhaka. Students can learn English at home or in one of the British Council’s coaching centers with their online classes and learning tools. 

Since it started teaching English more than 75 years ago, the British Council has helped more than 100 million people in 100 different countries get better at it and feel better about themselves.

Youths can reach their full potential and be a part of strong, welcoming communities if they have the skills, confidence, and relationships we help them build. Helping people learn English, receive a solid education, and earn global credentials. Our work in arts and culture encourages sharing and expressing creativity and supports creative business.

3. Saifur’s IELTS

Saifur’s the place to learn English in Bangladesh. In 2002, Mr. Saifur Rahman opened Saifur’s. Many branches are available in all areas of Bangladesh. Saifur’s was created with the goal of giving students valuable and lifelong learning experiences through new, safe, and interactive learning spaces that will prepare them for the business world. But their IELTS services are located in different branches, such as Lalmatia, Panthapath, Farmgate, Mouchak, Mirpur-10, Uttara, Mymensingh, ETC.  where they provide their IELTS English test services.

4. Next Step IELTS

Next Step IELTS Coaching in Dhaka, Uttara. Next Step offers individually focused IELTS, OET & Communication English courses in Uttara Dhaka. Next Step also offers online IELTS and communication English courses worldwide.

5. St. Jones Tutorial

The IELTS training school St. Jons is well known in Dhaka. It is recommended that working adults who want to take the IELTS test go to St. John’s Tutorials. There are various groups of St. John’s training. They’re currently taking in kids in three groups. These centers offer flexible hours by having IELTS classes in the morning, afternoon, and evening.


One of the best places in Bangladesh to get help with the IELTS is SALT Lab. It is run by people who used to teach and grade the IELTS test for the British Council. The best way to learn English is through SALT Lab, which also helps Bangladeshi students and workers get the IELTS score they want. Here is a lot of information about the coaching training for the salt lab.

7. FutureEd IELTS

FutureEd is one of the best places in Bangladesh to get IELTS help. Another thing is that it’s a real testing place and helps Bangladeshi students who want to take the IELTS test sign up. FutureEd’s IELTS training is the best in the world, and it’s made by highly qualified, experienced, and widely certified IELTS specialists. Some important things about FutureEd are.