Although it would sound unusual to assume I discussed the online IELTS course in Bangladesh, with the rise of the Coronavirus, most of us have been used to remove learning. While Covid has undoubtedly caused a great deal of harm, it has also brought about numerous beneficial changes.

Top 6 Online IELTS Courses in Bangladesh

1. Liakats IELTS
2. British American Resource Center (BARC)
3. PIE International Education
4. NextStep IELTS
5. British Council

Liakats IELTS

Liakats is one of the best IELTS coaching centers in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and was Established in 2008. dedicated to helping individuals achieve their dreams of success in the IELTS examination. Liakat’s IELTS is known for being very good, and its program is designed to cover all aspects of the IELTS test. The experienced teachers at the Best IELTS Coaching Center in Dhaka give each student the one-on-one care they need to succeed. Best IELTS Coaching Center in Dhaka Liakat’s IELTS is dedicated to creating a good learning space where innovative strategies and thorough planning lead to great results. These programs aim to make its students skilled English language users, successful IELTS exam attendants, and strong candidates to pursue the jobs of their dreams. Liakat’s IELTS is the best IELTS coaching center in Dhaka. If you choose them, you can be sure that they will help you get the scores you want.

It is one of the most outstanding choices for you. For each of the four sections of the exam, you can get free tests: speaking, writing, listening, and reading.

How to Access Liakats IELTS Tests?

Liakats IELTS Mock test in Dhaka are online based, permitting candidates from everywhere in the world to take them. You can access the assessments in academic and general training formats, allowing you to select the format that best suits your requirements.

How to Access the Liakats IELTS Practice Tests Candidates must follow a few easy steps to access the Liakats IELTS Sample Mock Test Online.

Right off the bat, visit the Liakats IELTS  site and contact with official no +8801728430272.

Presently, you approach the IELTS Mock Test Practice. Start practicing for the exam and do well on it.

British American Resource Center (BARC)

BARC has been providing this service for more than a decade. Alongside being result-driven, the striking power of this middle lies in its rich workforce. It offers online IELTS courses and a variety of offline IELTS courses to ensure that students from all demographics can take advantage of its top-notch IELTS instruction. Let’s take a look at the facilities that BARC offers.

Course fee
The IELTS course at the British American Resource Center (BARC) costs just 6999 Taka.

British American Resource Center (BARC) is a registered location for the IELTS exam. Consequently, here you’ll discover what the assessment climate resembles and it would be far simpler to adjust to the test air quicker, which brings about most extreme unwinding on the test day. You won’t have to go to this center for the first time. So it will help your mental health. On test day, you will, in turn, be overflowing with confidence. It is highly likely that this positive energy will bring out the best in you.

In contrast to other schools, BARC begins guiding students in accordance with their current skill level, which appears to be very impressive. Assuming you have a place with the B1 level (Transitional) yet are owned up to the C1 (High level) level, you should be in a problematic situation adapting to the items and companions in the class. However, if you are admitted to the A2 (Elementary) level but currently hold the C2 (Proficient) level, it would be a complete waste of time and money. Students are admitted to BARC based on their level, which is determined by a placement test. Along these lines, it gives precisely the exact thing you want to satisfy your need.

Methodology in the Classroom

Experienced BARC teachers can provide helpful guidance. You will have a smoother journey and have even more fun as a result of what skilled teachers can offer you. Even during the exam, they know how to make you feel at home. The instructors at BARC teach in a methodical manner that will eventually lead you to a band 7 or 8.

The quality of the faculty in the center to which you are applying should be the first and foremost consideration. Having noticed the talks, educators, and aftereffects of the current understudies intently, I figure the BARC situated in Uttara is one of the most mind-blowing training communities at Uttara. Assuming you inspect the instructive foundation of the educators there, you’ll come to see the majority of the instructors there have moved on from the UK and Australia.

Practice office

Could you say possibly classes are sufficient in the event that you are not in contact with reading up for some time or don’t feel sure with your essential English abilities? I would prefer to say ‘NO’. For an improved outcome in the most limited conceivable time, you likewise need further help past the classes. BARC furnishes understudies with free language club offices accessible to all conceded understudies. You will benefit from this opportunity by improving your speaking fluency and accuracy in the remaining modules. You will learn what to do and how to do it in classes, but these language club facilities will provide you with the ideal setting to practice and do it.

PIE International Education

PIE International Education is the best online IELTS course in Bangladesh. I chose PIE International Education for a few reasons. How about we look where their specialty lies.

Method of instruction

They have competent teachers. There, you will have access to some knowledgeable teachers. As a medium of educating, they use Bengali in the classes. As understudies say, quality educators are accessible there.

Course expense
PIE Global charges 12500 Taka for the IELTS course.

Coordinated site with many practice tests and counterfeit inquiries
Obviously, you can track down a superb site with a wide assortment of seminars on Math, GED, GRE, SAT, and IELTS. There, you can get a good idea of paid courses. The site fills in as a prologue to their courses, which don’t expect you to truly visit the middle. You would not mind looking at the website first rather than having a primary consultation in person due to the COVID-19.

IELTS materials are constantly being improved and updated by an internal team of researchers and developers. Without research, there is no innovation. In IELTS, the style and test rules are changed regularly. For instance, Cambridge University has recently adopted the term “part” in place of “sections”; The listening script will no longer have page numbers, and no example will be played at the beginning of Part 1. In the end, refreshing materials, as per the changes, requires thorough examination. From that angle, Pie Global wouldn’t maybe be profoundly evaluated thinking about this component. Additionally, like others, they have well-designed course materials. According to students’ comments, other English-related publications and books may not be the most prominent location.

As to materials, they instruct with their own materials. This shifts focus over to me adequately enhanced. You might be looking for an accessible vocabulary or grammar book for them. Additionally, this may make you unhappy with their publications. However, if you’re already accustomed to online education, you might give it a shot because it saves you time and helps you avoid the severe traffic congestion in Dhaka. On the other side, for working on talking, nothing can come even close to eye practice for most extreme result.

NextStep IELTS

This is moderately new however acquired a decent standing for its sincere help. How about we check its offices out.

Course Fee
The IELTS course offered by NextStep IELTS costs 6,000 Taka.

Good Teachers Despite its small size, this coaching center has a competent faculty. There, teachers have very high qualifications. According to former center students, teachers frequently provide one-on-one attention. Additionally, the students here accomplish a lot. I have seen students scoring 6, and 6.5 regularly.

Mock test office
Their counterfeit test setting is one of the wonderful open doors you will get to appreciate out there. The timer in the room is set exactly like it is in the main IELTS test venue on a large projector. There, the script checking also works very well.

British Council
Numerous students have access to IELTS preparation materials from the British Council.

Course Fee
English Chamber charges 13900 Taka for the IELTS course.

Great Instructors
English Committee is commonly known for its effective instructors. Also, their teachers have a lot of experience. The teachers there are specifically trained by excellent trainers. So they develop effective teaching methods. Notwithstanding, their courses are short courses of 1 to 1.5 months. It might not be right for you if you think you need a longer course. However, students do not have access to facilities for mock tests.

Great Assets
This is maybe the most grounded component of The English Chamber. You can get a library membership for three months, six months, or one year. You will have access to a vast collection of materials from the British Council library once you purchase this paid service.

One of the largest online platforms for a wide range of courses, including Spoken English, IT, and IELTS.

Course Fee
Eshikhon charges 3999 Taka for the IELTS course.

For the best online IELTS preparation courses are a great option if you want to save time and avoid traffic jams. But before that, keep in mind that you can easily adjust to remote learning. Really at that time, you can see as a viable result.


In the end, regardless of how exclusive the preparation platform is, nothing will matter unless you make your own efforts in accordance with the teachers’ recommendations. So, remember to put in a lot of effort to reach your goal. All the best with your excursion.